Stella & Dot Spring 2013

SDspring _safari

the limited edition safari necklace paired with vintage studs in gold
SDspring apple_of_my_eye_omthemark

on the mark paired with apple of my eye
SDspring avalon fringe

avalon fringe necklace

SDspring avalon station&crescent

avalon crescent & avalon station necklace & hoops

SDspring Christina

christina bracelet

Sdspring dot_bloom

dot bloom necklace

SDspring eden& arrow

eden & arrow bangles

SDspring fiona

fiona necklace

SDspring jolie

jolie necklace

SDspring julep & zinnia with rhea

betty hoops paired with julep bangles, rhea bangles, & zinnia bracelet

SDspring kimberly

kimberly earrings & necklace

SDspring maldives_model

maldives necklace paired with delphi studs

SDspring medina

medina earrings

SDspring mesa & raina

raina earrings paired with mesa necklace (can be worn multiple ways)

SDspring seychelles

seychelle earrings also available in blue

SDspring spring_awakening_model

spring awakening necklace


calypso coin necklace


valor, kathleen, & sunset beach charm necklaces  SDsummer2013 SDsummer2013-1tote bags & more coming this April…stayed tuned!

Get these styles and much much more at


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